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The Climate is changing: What about the EU?

28 Nov

Taking a look at the work of the European Union, one could say that it is amazing how a project that once started as an attempt towards discovering better and more efficient ways of producing coal and steel is now one of the global leaders in the environmental field. This makes sense from a federalist perspective as the results of environmental damages tend to cross borders very easily.Moreover, this makes sense from a green perspective as the latest report of the International Panels on Climate Change (IPCC) shows that together with immediate measures concerning the climate changes, the polar caps will melt, the sea level will rise by around 20 cm and the global temperature will rise by about 0.6 degrees. All that may not sound too dangerous, but it results in what we can already witness today in the daily news: hurricanes such as Katrina in the United States, floods as seen on the whole African continent or Tsunamis such as in some Asian countries.

In short, nature strikes back whatever we do but even more so when there are no changes seen by the biggest environmental polluters, that is, the industrial countries. This means there has to be a halving of the green house emissions until 2050 in comparison to the values of 1990. This would mean a decreasing of 30 % in the European Union.