Brussels again – structures forever

28 Okt

One weekend in Brussels should bring a positive change to the structure of the Europeanwide organisation Federation of young European Greens. We talked a lot about what structures shall provide and which outcome they are responsible. Because although structurism sounds pretty nerdy it is the basic for a big; transnational organisation to guarantee transparency and participation. Looking forward to the debate on the General Assembly that takes place in Berlin in may 2008 and that will celebrate its 20th birthday.

And PS: I still dont get the beauty of Brussels…


4 Antworten to “Brussels again – structures forever”

  1. b 29/10/2007 um 11:28 #

    Darling! you are way too nerdy to get the beauty of Brussels.

  2. Paul 01/11/2007 um 15:57 #

    Away with structures, long live the boundless practical reason and the existence of single decisions based on actor’s interaction (which eventually solidify into structures).

    But on a more serious note, I don’t get the beauty of Brussels either.


  3. Silke Gebel 01/11/2007 um 18:07 #

    🙂 As you can here from a belgium guy thats because of our nerdiness…


  1. Im Westflügel des Weißen Hauses « Silke Gebel - 08/11/2007

    […] 10:34 nachmittags Abgelegt unter: Die Welt, Wo anders vor Ort Neulich in Brüssel nach dem Reformtreffen zur Federation of Young European Greens habe ich eine Serie über den Wetflügel des Weißen Hauses […]

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